Patrice Berque

 Patrice set up a Musicians' Clinic in 2002 in Glasgow, with the help of the Musicians Union Scotland. Since then, he has treated many students, amateur and professional musicians from within the UK and abroad, with playing-related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMDs) and focal dystonia (FD).


Patrice was a professional orchestra horn player in France and Germany.   His musical career was curtailed by embouchure dystonia. As well as offereing treatment for FD he has done lots of research on the sublect, which is available to read on his website.


Patrice’s approach to treatment of focal hand dystonia (FHD) involves a combination of Sensory Motor Retuning (SMR), using splints to immobilise specific fingers, and Slow-Down Exercise therapy (SDE) in order to reinforce normal patterns of movement at slow speed

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