Great website aimed at pianists that gives a holisitc approach to avoiding and recovering from injury.  

Contains a good article about focal dystonia and recovery related to body movement therapies.


Piano Map

Glenn Gould's Hand

Detailed article arguing that Glenn Gould suffered and recovered from the condition.

How to resolve

Focal Dystonia

From the website 'The Poised Guitairist' which  "is dedicated to helping fellow musicians save, secure, and enhance their careers in music with accurate information about the body in movement"  The article is written by Barbara Conable

What Every Guitarist Should Know: A Guide to the

Prevention and Rehabilitation of Focal Hand Dystonia

Useful article by guitarist Jason Solomon, and included on the DMRF website. A case study followed by a 13 point practice plan to help aid the rehabilitation of FD

medical dystonia

Probably the biggest place on the net for FD resources. They run the Musicians with FD bulletin board, have various articles related to FD and also run seminars about dystonia. Billy Mclaughlin is their awarness ambassador. Useful article here giving good intoduction to FD for musicians.

Musician's Dystonia (article) Musician's Dystonia (link) Focal Hand Dystonia

The Myths of

Focal Dystonia

Article from blog of horn player  Roger Rocco.  Interspread from quotes by Adolph Herseth. Claims among other things FD is a 'paralysis' of musicles, not a contraction. Very similar vein of thinking to fellow horn player Joquin Fabras. Roger suffered from embrouchure dystonia and shares adivce about his recovery and other case studies.

Can focal dystonia be prevented?

My FD Story

How psychogenic is Focal Dystonia?

The effect of Focal task -specific embrouchure dystonia on Brass musicians.

Andover Educators

A collection of useful articles abut musicians health, Alexander Technique, Focal Dystonia and 'Body Mapping'. Andover Educators is Barbara Conable's organisation, set up to teach her ideas about Body Mapping.

Study into the classification history of FD, from its psychogenic origins to modern neuro-imaging techniques

Personal story of the rehabilitation of Hung-Kuen Chen, the concert pianist

Concise article suggesting healthy practice habits to avoid the onset of FD

Dissertation that looks at all aspects of embouchure dystonia. contains lots of infomation about brain function as relating to FD and would be relevant to many other instrumentalists.

Musician's Dystonia

Incredible book that gives comprehansive details of most current FD therapies. There is a lot of info here, but if you are new to FD, this may cover a lot of stuff you need to know! Also some interesting case studies at the end.

Dystonia- overview and re-training.

Personal account of pianist 'Paul' and his own recovery from FD, and details of the methods used.

Fantastic website from David Vining about his retraining and success. David had embrouchre dystonia, but his methods and concepts about recovery are very simliar to my owh re-training experience.

Pianist's recovery.

Focal Dystonia research in Glasgow

Patrice Berque's research studies into focal dystonia can be found here , along with some interesting videos.  Patrice's work focuses on the use of splints and slow-down therapy in re-training.